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Our business is built on decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Our established relationships and reputation enable us to navigate complex processes with ease to get you moving quickly.

As a leading permit provider to the oilfield industry, Fastrax is committed to delivering the most efficient and cost-effective services available. We have established a reputation for providing fast, reliable, and seamless permit solutions for our clients. Our goal is to build exceptional relationships and maintain the highest level of communication with all our customers. If you are already a valued customer, we thank you for your trust. If you are seeking a permit service that will exceed your expectations, please contact us.

We operate the most efficient and cost effective permit service dedicated to the oilfield. 

Mandie Adams – Owner

With two decades of experience in finance, accounting, and operations, Mandie has implemented the business and financial processes that have driven Fastrax's rapid growth and success. As the oil and gas industry evolves, Mandie continues to make strategic investments to maintain Fastrax's competitive advantage and solidify its position as the leading permit provider in the industry.


Any business is only as good

as it's TEAM.

We are incredibly proud of our highly dedicated and professional staff. 

Team photo.jpg

Our organization and team have one goal that is top of mind everyday, to provide the highest level of service to each of our customers.  We are grateful for the trust our customers have in us and for the opportunity to serve more clientele in the oil and gas industry.

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